Business Environment Council

Gold Award of Hong Kong Eco-Products Award

Terraillon¡¦s Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale (TX-655) and Glass Electronic Body Fat Bathroom Scale (TFX40) were granted Gold Award of Hong Kong Eco-Products Award by Business Environment Council in 2005. The award-winning products are produced from recycled materials with recycled packaging materials; energy is being use efficiently. Fook Tin implements a various production procedures to meet the environmental protection regulation of RoHS standard. Fook Tin shows its capability in continuous improvement and innovation technology on reduction of pollution, product quality enhancement etc during the production process.

Hong Kong Awards for Industry

Certificate of Merit in Consumer Product Design

TFA Optima, originated designed by Fook Tin and the first consumer wireless Total Body Composition Monitoring System in the world, was awarded Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Certificate of Merit in Consumer Product Design. It recognizes Fook Tin¡¦s innovation technology and endless effort in product design.

TFA Optima applies Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology to provide a detailed analysis of body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mineral statistics. Additionally, TFA Optima provides the function of calorie calculations for maintaining the level of body fat.

2005-2006 Caring Company Recognition

Fook Tin was awarded the ¡§2005-2006¡¨ Caring Company Recognition that includes values like: Family, Friendly, Mentoring and Giving. During the years, Fook Tin contributes to the society through supporting and organizing seminars and visits with industrial associations and universities to share its experience, market trends etc. Besides, Fook Tin puts its effort to promote the importance of environmental protection in the Pearl River Delta Region by cooperating with the Federation of Hong Kong Industry in 2005 to invest and implement related facilities to reduce pollution.

Also, in December 2004, Fook Tin organized a sponsored Charity Walk and raised HK$100,000 for The Life Education Activity Programme (LEAP) to provide education programmes for young people, stressing the importance of a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol.